Modern Slavery Statement 2022

CBD Enterprise is committed to preventing slavery and human trafficking in all its forms. This Modern Slavery Statement outlines our efforts and actions taken to address modern slavery within our operations and supply chain.

Our Commitment

We acknowledge our responsibility to uphold ethical standards and promote human rights. CBD Enterprise has a zero-tolerance approach to slavery and human trafficking, and we are dedicated to ensuring that such practices have no place in our business activities.

Organizational Structure

CBD Enterprise is [describe your organizational structure, e.g., a UK-based CBD blog]. Our operations primarily involve content creation, information dissemination, and partnerships within the CBD industry.

Supply Chain Practices

While our business primarily revolves around digital content creation and dissemination, we acknowledge the potential risks of modern slavery within indirect aspects of our supply chain, including:

  • Service Providers: Engagement with third-party service providers for web hosting, IT support, and marketing services.
  • Product Suppliers: Collaboration with suppliers offering merchandise, promotional items, or other physical goods.

Due Diligence

We have implemented measures to mitigate the risk of modern slavery within our supply chain:

  • Supplier Assessment: Conducting risk assessments of suppliers and service providers to ensure compliance with ethical standards.
  • Contractual Obligations: Implementing contractual clauses that emphasize adherence to anti-slavery practices.
  • Training and Awareness: Providing training and raising awareness among our employees and partners regarding modern slavery risks.

Future Actions

CBD Enterprise is committed to continuously improving its approach to combatting modern slavery. We will:

  • Enhance due diligence processes to scrutinize potential risks in our supply chain.
  • Collaborate with industry peers and organizations to share best practices and knowledge in preventing modern slavery.
  • Review and update our policies and procedures regularly to ensure alignment with evolving standards and regulations.

Reporting Suspected Cases

We encourage the reporting of any suspicions or concerns related to modern slavery within our operations or supply chain. Employees, suppliers, or other stakeholders can report such cases confidentially to [email protected].


CBD Enterprise is committed to fostering an environment free from modern slavery. We will continue to uphold our responsibilities, engage in due diligence, and take proactive steps to combat this abhorrent practice.


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